The Associate designation is part of the fabric of our firm and serves as a mark of distinction — the best of our world-class staff. The title of Associate is used to recognize key individuals within the firm who have consistently demonstrated excellence in engineering and service to our clients. Associates are individuals with a proven history of outstanding performance, leadership, and demonstrated dedication to the firm. Congratulations!

Appointments to Principal Associate

David DeLuca
Anne Zweibel
Michael Swietanski
Visha Szumanski

Appointments to Senior Associate

Elana Freedman
Richard Stevens
Rasmin Kharva
Ronald Roman

Appointments to Associate

Amaka Anderson
Laura Coley
Timothy Harrington
Raymond Lopez
Jeff Bade
Rebecca Frein
Robert Hideck
Jacques Romain
Kevin Ciampi
Heather Goodling
Craig Jenne
Erin Stehlgens